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The 2016 programming previews are now available! Click here for fan discussions and click here for other programming.

Panel Idea Submissions & Call for Panelists

Gallifrey One does accept suggestions for panel topics as well as requests to participate as a panelist. Suggestions for topics were open October 6 – 31, 2015. The call for panelists was open January 4 – 11, 2016. Panelist applicants must already have a ticket to the convention – being a panelist doesn’t get you a free badge, refund on your badge, or any other special privileges.

To participate as a panelist, send a note to the organizers via the website’s contact page detailing the panels you would like to be on (no more than 3) and your qualifications. The 2016 deadline was January 11, 2016; the 2015 deadline was January 4, 2015; the 2014 deadline was January 15, 2014. Panelists for 2016 have been selected and notified. For reference, selected panelists for 2014 received an email by the week of January 27; those not selected are not notified. If you’re selected as a panelist, all you need to do is show up to your panel a few minutes early and take a seat on the stage at the front of the room.

Programming Overview

Gally generally has multiple tracks of programming; some are structured around a theme, others share nothing in common but the room they’re held in. (Note that the room arrangement downstairs often changes slightly from year to year, so check the map.)

Gallifrey One 2014 Program Room A

Program Room A.

The biggest events (program track A) are held on the Main Stage, which seats 1200. The Main Stage hosts the closing ceremonies, the Masquerade, and the con’s biggest guests. (It used to host the opening ceremonies as well, but those have been cancelled as of 2014 and replaced with a Friday morning kickoff panel.) Since the New Who guests’ panels tend to be overwhelmingly popular, Gally has (rather ingeniously) scheduled the exact same panel to be held twice. For example, Freema Agyeman’s 2013 Q&A panel was held once early Saturday evening and again early Saturday morning. Both panels are essentially exactly the same – be nice and only attend one so everybody gets a chance to go!

Program track B is held in the Meridian Room on the lobby level, which seats 450. These are generally the second biggest panels, featuring lots of interviews, comic panels, and Big Finish content.

Program tracks C & D are held on the lower level and seat 240 each. Both host an assortment of programming, though C tends to get the panels focused on non-Whovian sci-fi properties and the NASA/JPL science track. D now attracts the non-Who writing/producing panels. On Sunday, Program D will host the charity auction.

Program track E is mostly the costuming/cosplay track. In the evening, the space becomes one of the nighttime video rooms. This lower level space seats about 50.

Kaffeeklatsches are very small, intimate discussions with the specified guests. The room only seats 12 fans. You need to sign up in advance to attend (beginning at 11:00am Friday morning) and can only sign up for one at a time (plus list yourself as an alternate for one additional kaffeeklatsch). Sign up at Member Services (across from the Dealers Room).

There is a room called the Video Room, which – you guessed it – hosts screenings of various episodes of Doctor Who. Program Room E also hosts screenings in the evenings. Check the printed guide for the full screening schedule (Video Room schedules are not posted online).

Children’s programming is held upstairs in the 18th floor Executive Suite.

PRAISE HIM: the Minotaur on stage at the masquerade.

PRAISE HIM: the Minotaur on stage at the masquerade.

Evening programming begins around 8pm, primarily on the Main Stage with smaller events and/or open parties (like nightly karaoke) in the smaller programming rooms. Saturday is the annual masquerade. (A casino night used to be held on Friday evenings but is not scheduled for 2016.)

For 2014 Gally expanded into Thursday evening programming that featured an ice cream social and carnival-style games, both of which essentially functioned as a welcome party. This was mostly done as an anniversary celebration as it was the con’s 25th year, but it went so well that it was back in 2015 (dubbed The Nethersphere Jubilee) and will return again in 2016 as The Gallifrey Underground Bon Voyage Party (All Trains Leave On Time), in keeping with 2016’s train theme.

A cosplay couple dance at the Saturday night disco.

A cosplay couple dance at the Saturday night disco.

Like many cons, the centerpiece of Saturday night’s programming is the Masquerade of Mandragora, a costume competition that allows contestants to incorporate a skit or other act into their on-stage presentation. Because cosplay is a big deal at Gally, the masquerade is quite popular. Gally also has what is arguably the best masquerade intermission entertainment any con has to offer: they bring several of the weekend’s special guests on stage for a clever game show called “Just a Minute.” Following the Masquerade is the disco dance party in Program A.

If you need to leave the room during an at-capacity panel to use the restroom, there should be a staff member at the exit or entrance door. You can ask them for a bathroom pass, but they’ll probably just tell you to go and then let you back in the room when you return. (The rooms aren’t that big.) Additionally, Gallifrey One does allow standing-room only crowds to gather in the back of otherwise full programming rooms.


LobbyCon began as an informal gathering in the Marriott lobby the night before the convention officially began. It’s still an unofficial event, but it’s such a big part of the culture of the con that you owe it to yourself to stop by. Mingle with attendees (and perhaps the occasional guest), trade ribbons, admire the cosplay or show off your own – LobbyCon is essentially one big party.

LobbyCon was technically Thursday night, but there are now official Thursday night con events. You may see some LobbyCon beginnings on Wednesday evening or Thursday afternoon. Really, LobbyCon is anytime a bunch of attendees have gathered ’round the hotel lobby. (And some nights, they’ll be there until the sun comes up.)

Separately Ticketed Events: Sunday Guest Brunch, Special Guest Receptions, and VIP Passes

Note that while these are separately ticketed events, all ticket holders must also be registered attendees of the con.

Guest Brunch

On Sunday mornings, the con used to host an extremely small Guest Brunch for the weekend’s special guests and a small number of attendees who bought a seat at this separately-ticketed event. Generally there was one guest assigned to each table during the meal, then the guests roam for the rest of the event. Tickets for the 2014 guest brunch went on sale on January 18 and sold out within minutes. The guest brunch was discontinued in 2015.

Guest Receptions

In 2014, two separate Guest Receptions were introduced with the two headlining New Who guests, Arthur Darvill and Billie Piper. These receptions did not include autographs or photo ops, instead offering “small group sessions with the guest of the evening,” drinks & hors d’oeuvres, and free limited edition giveaways. Both were hosted by Showmasters Events in the Presidential Suite of the LAX Marriott, with Darvill’s held Friday evening and Piper’s held Saturday evening. Tickets for the 2014 Darvill and Piper receptions, which ran $55 and $65 respectively, went on sale February 8, 2014 and sold out in 20 minutes.

The Guest Receptions returned and expanded for 2015. Friday night’s guests were Alex Kingston and Eve Myles; Saturday night’s were John Barrowman and Burn Gorman. The 6pm and 8pm receptions each evening will have the same guests. All but the Saturday 8pm sessions sold out on the day of release (January 16, 2015) and the final session sold out about a week later. Prices for 2015 were $95 per person, with attendees limited to registering for one reception per day.

In 2016, the Guest Receptions will change slightly: three separate receptions with different guests will be offered both Friday and Saturday evenings. John Hurt, Ingrid Oliver, Alan Ruscoe, and Clare Higgins will attend the first reception; Michelle Gomez, Samuel Anderson, Jami Reid-Quarrell, Matt Doman will appear at the second; and Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Sean Carlsen, India Fisher, Jessica Martin and Andrew Cartmel will be at the third. All six receptions went on sale January 13, 2016 and are available for purchase through Convention Photoshoots. Prices range from $90 – $110 per person.

VIP Photo Passes

New VIP photo passes are on sale for the 2016 event:

  • RichUnclePennybagsAndMrBurns

    File photo of TARDIS Tag holders.

    The $895 TARDIS Tag, which gets you priority line access for photos & autographs; two autographs from each Showmasters sponsored guest; one photo op with each Showmasters sponsored guest; one ticket each to meet & greets with Colin Baker and Michelle Gomez; one bonus photo with John Hurt; a limited edition print, Tom Baker autograph, and – get ready – a Showmasters baseball cap (wow, what a deal).

    • If you’re already planning on buying all these photo ops and autographs, this is probably a good deal for the priority access. Also, please send us a photo of you reading the fine print on your TARDIS Tag with your jewel-encrusted monocle.
  • The $350 John Hurt Diamond Pass, which gets you one ticket to a John Hurt meet & greet; one regular photo with John Hurt and another that includes the green screen backdrop & props; two John Hurt autographs; a limited edition print, a screen-used bank note prop, and – brace yourselves – one Diamond Pass Dog Tag (surely collectible, right?!).
    • If you’re spending $350 on all this, we trust you’re a huge John Hurt fan and have been waiting to meet him for years. Congratulations on finally reaching this milestone in your life.

Blood Drive

Gallifrey One used to hold a blood drive (up on the 18th floor) but it was cancelled for 2014 due to lack of space. It will not be back for 2016. (Give blood anyway in your local area.)

Autographs & Photo Ops

Both autographs and photo ops are held on the lower level. Neither autographs nor photo ops are free; prices vary by guest, but are often less expensive than at other conventions. Photo ops are cash only onsite; most autographs are the same way. Hit the ATM before you head downstairs or better yet, bring plenty of cash with you to the con.

Photo Ops

Photo ops are in the Photo Studio now, neighboring the Video Room in the far hallway (technical difficulties in 2014 required a last-minute move to the back of the Dealer’s Room, separated by a curtain).

If you’re planning on buying a photo op, you can pre-pay online via credit card through the new vendor, Convention Photoshoots. Pre-ordering will allow you to reserve a space during a time slot. Photo ops are available for purchase on-site but are cash only.

Note that with a new photo op vendor comes new policies: each person in the photo must now pay the full price, with the exception of children under 12 with a paid adult. However, you now receive a free digital copy of your photo in addition to the print (this was previously an upcharge).

We strongly recommend you read the Convention Photoshoots FAQ as their policies may differ from vendors at other cons you attend.


Autograph sessions are held either in a section in the back of the Dealers Room dubbed autograph alley, or at a vendor’s table in the Dealers Room. (While there once was a separate room downstairs for autographs, it was merged into autograph alley/the Dealers Room for 2014.) And don’t be late: some guests only stay as long as there are people waiting.

Check the official website starting in January or your printed guidebook for the location of your autograph session and the location of the line (which is separate from the actual autograph table; start points will be denoted on the map). Here are the basics:

Autograph Alley: Hosts writers & production guests; times will be announced but guests only stay as long as there are fans waiting.

Dealers Room Stations: These lettered stations host the headliner guests (for example, Billie Piper, Arthur Darvill, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, and Paul McGann in 2014) at the front of the Dealer’s Room; color-coded lines begin just outside Dealers Room.

Tenth Planet/Holzheimers/Dealers Room tables: Additional guests; no specified line structure to watch out for.

Dealers Room

The Dealers Room is Gally’s version of an exhibit hall or show floor. It’s where the vendors are set up to sell you more Doctor Who paraphernalia than you even knew existed, plus plenty of fun non-Whovian items. As with any show floor, it’s best to bring cash (and even better not to rely on the hotel ATM, which has reportedly run out of cash in years past).

2016 Dealers Room Hours
Friday: 11:00am – 6:30pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Read the list of vendors for 2016. A map of the vendors’ tables will be available online in the weeks leading up to the con and also printed in the guidebook distributed on-site.

Fan Tables

A small number of local fan groups are provided exhibit space on the lower level; walk through and find a new group to hang out with or a new con to attend. They are located in the hallways outside the Dealer’s Room. Also, the Girl Scouts will be out at these tables selling cookies!!!!!!!!! GET EXCITED.

Art Show

Pieces in the art show are on display throughout the weekend in a separate art show room on the lower level between the Dealers Room and Programs C/D/E. The auction for the available pieces is held on Sundays.

Charity Auction

Sunday also sees another auction: the charity auction held in memory of actor Bob May. The charity changes each year; previous charities have included the Aimee Hoff Memorial Scholarship Fund, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer, and the American Heart Association. Anyone can bid and anyone can donate items to be auctioned, as long as it can be considered genre material. Held in Program Room D.

TARDIS Lounge & Console Room

If you’re looking for photos with a big blue police box, visit the Cosplay and Photo Hallway. This TARDIS is provided by a fan who brings it to the show at their own expense, so be cool and make a small donation to help with the transport costs.

If you want to see the restored, screen-used Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS console (aka the interior of the TARDIS), head for the exhibits room. Other costumes and props are also on display in the exhibits room; 2014 displays included replicas and screen-used props from the 1996 TV movie. (This console was not at the 2015 show and has not been announced for the 2016 show.)

The TARDIS console is on display throughout the day but photos are only available at certain times (times posted outside the room). The owner/creative team that works on the console will be present to help you pose in the best way. There are two price levels for photos with the console:

$10 Level

  • one photo featuring up to three people (high-res, delivered digitally)

$15 Level

  • one hi-res photo of you and up to two guests
  • one additional photo of you/your group with your choice of Doctor Who cosplayer
  • includes TARDIS Pilot Fastpass, which allows you to skip to the front of the line anytime during the day’s photo session and includes a commemorative badge ribbon
A sample of the $10 level photo with the new backdrop that debuted in 2014.

A sample of the $10 level photo with the new backdrop that debuted in 2014.

Gaming Suite

The 18th floor game room/gaming hub.

The 18th floor game room/gaming hub.

The 18th floor gaming lounge made its triumphant return in 2014. 2014 events included games of Munchkin (Friday & Saturday evening), Are You a Werewolf (Friday late night), and Cards Against Humanity (Saturday late night). The rest of the time, the room is open for anyone to play anything – expect impromptu games of Cards Against Gallifrey.

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