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As of May 6, 2015, Gallifrey One is sold out for 2016. The 2016 show will be February 12-14, 2016.

Tickets were originally set to go on sale at 10:00am PST on May 4, 2015. However, the rush was too much for the servers, and the ticketing site crashed within seconds. A few lucky attendees managed to check out with tickets, but most were locked out as the site was shut down.

Gallifrey One’s ticketing system is run by a separate vendor, Member Solutions. The two mutually decided that reopening the site to the public would result in another catastrophic failure. Instead, Gally was forced to manually process thousands of emails from prospective buyers. The registration-specific email was released exactly at noon on Tuesday, May 5; purchasers had to email their ticket requests. It only took a few minutes to fill all the spots, and Gally says they responded to 1460 emails (all sent within roughly three minutes of the email address being posted) and sold 3,350 tickets to the 2016 event. Lucky attendees were then sent an email with a timed link to the Member Solutions checkout page, which limited the number of people logged on at once in order to preserve the server function.

In short: it was a long, arduous process that frustrated both attendees and staff.

No announcements have been made regarding ticket sales for 2017. There are, however, no plans to institute a lottery system for future ticket sales. Gally made an official statement during the May 2015 sale that “we will NEVER EVER do a system that does not allow first-come first-served opportunity to everyone.”

Previously, the 2015 con sold out in a record 75 minutes. The year prior, tickets took 12 days to sell out; before that, it was months.

New for 2016, Gallifrey One no longer allows or processes ticket transfers (reselling tickets). More details are available in the Ticket Transfers section below.

Also new for 2016, single day tickets have been added in an effort to accommodate more attendees. All tickets also include evening programming for that day; Friday tickets include evening programming on Thursday and Friday nights. You may only purchase one ticket type per person; you cannot purchase more than one single-day ticket for one person. (Essentially, your options are three days or one day.) More information on single day tickets can be found here.


Gallifrey One 2016 Ticket Prices

 Adult (17+)Teen (12-16)Child (3-11)Toddler (0-2)
(Thu Eve/Fri/Sat/Sun)
Friday Only
(Thu Eve/Fri)
Saturday Only$50$50$50Free
Sunday Only$40$40$40Free

Ticket Transfers

“Open” ticket transfers have been discontinued for 2016. They have been sort-of replaced by the new “guest-of” ticket policy.

Previously, Gallifrey One allowed attendees who could no longer make it to transfer their tickets to anyone who wants to attend. This is referred to as a registration transfer or ticket transfer (pretty basic stuff). The convention would facilitate the transfer in their system, but payment was handled entirely between the ticket seller and the ticket buyer. Ticket transfers were required to be sold for the original price of the ticket – refer to the price list above.

Discontinuing the ticket transfer program was disappointing for many attendees who had acquired their tickets through friends, acquaintances, and random internet strangers; organizers said that roughly 1 in 8 attendees at the 2014 con bought their ticket via a transfer. Unfortunately, with that many transfers, it had also become a strain on the con organizers limited volunteer resources.

Gallifrey One still allows on-site, at-convention, in-person transfers but the original purchaser or the person whose name is on the original ticket must be present.

Instead, Gallifrey One offered a new option for 2016: guest-of tickets. When purchasing their own ticket, attendees had the option to buy a second ticket without a name. These were intended for people who knew they would be bringing a friend, child, child’s friend, etc., but didn’t know exactly who yet. As a result, it may still be possible to find someone with a guest-of ticket available.

If you are still hoping to attend in 2016, your only available options are to find someone with an available guest-of ticket, or find someone who is still able to come to the hotel and do an in-person transfer with you.

A few important details regarding guest-of tickets and ticket transfers:

  • You will not have any confirmation of your registration from con organizers until you arrive at the con and have physically received your ticket. Keep this in mind when buying from internet strangers.
  • The person who purchased the guest-of ticket (or the person whose name is currently on the ticket, for true transfers) must be at the convention, in person, to transfer the ticket to you.
  • Guest-of tickets are listed in the purchaser’s name. When you pick it up, the convention will print your name (or your requested nickname) on the badge.
  • You cannot pay to upgrade a ticket class (e.g. teen to adult). This was previously allowed.
  • It is technically prohibited to resell a Gallifrey One ticket.

Where do you find a ticket transfer or an available guest-of ticket?

Your best bet is the GallifreyBase forum.

Some people also try Twitter, fan groups like The Real Time Lords of Orange County or the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, or other Doctor Who message boards and fan groups.

Previously, Gally has had a Facebook group for the express purpose of buying/selling tickets for transfer. There is no such group for 2016 and the con has asked that such advertisements and requests be kept off their official Facebook channels.

How do you transfer a guest-of ticket?

  1. Make sure you’re getting the right ticket class. The process of paying to upgrade child tickets to teen tickets, or teen tickets to adult tickets has been discontinued. A child or teen can wear an adult badge, but adults must be wearing an adult badge.
  2. Arrange for payment to your friend/family member/Twitter buddy/seller (PayPal is generally recommended).
  3. Meet your seller at the convention, where they will pick up the ticket and have it registered in your name.

All the fine print is on the Gallifrey One website.

Badge Pickup

Gallifrey One Badge & Lanyard

The 2014 badge and anniversary lanyard.

Traditionally, badge pickup begins Thursday afternoon. Remember this is an all-volunteer staff and people need to eat, so Member Services may close for breaks. If you’re not coming until Friday/Saturday evening (there is a dinner break before evening programming begins), remember to arrive early enough to pick up your badge. The registration table is located directly across from the doors to Program Room A (Main Stage), at the bottom of the down escalator.

2016 badge pickup hours are yet to be released; for reference, below are the hours from 2015.

2015 Badge Pickup Hours
Thursday: 3pm-6pm and 8pm-10pm
Friday: 9am-9pm
Saturday: 9am-9pm
Sunday: 9am-2pm

Gally badges are laminated with your name printed on them. New in 2015: you must wear your badge on a lanyard around your neck. Gally will provide lanyards, or you can bring your own; you can probably find a vendor selling lanyards in the Dealers Room as well. In 2014, the con provided special 25th anniversary lanyards. Either way, you’ll need something – your badge needs to be visible at all times (although it’s okay to briefly remove it for a photo).

Handicapped access and assistance is at registration.

Help, I’ve lost my badge! Visit Member Services (window on the lower level, across from the Dealers Room). This is also the location of the general lost and found.


Gally boasts an all-volunteer staff, head to toe. In years past, they recruited additional volunteers on-site for help; beginning in 2014, all the work is being done by the internal staff & invite only. (Those on-site volunteers of yesteryear didn’t receive free or discounted tickets, so don’t think you’re missing out on some great deal.)


Gally used to send out a few postcards during the year to its attendees, reminding them to register and announcing new guests. For 2014 there was only one reminder postcard, mailed only to registered attendees in January. Again in 2016, only one postcard has been mailed – although international attendees are now on the mailing list as of 2015, and some attendee pairs who reside at the same address have only been sent one. If yours doesn’t arrive, arrives damaged, or you just want another one, extras will be available on the freebie table near Member Services.


May 5 Sale Facebook Announcement

A sample of the hotel availability updates the con provides on Facebook.

The Los Angeles Airport Marriott, where the convention is held, is also (obviously) the official con hotel. Naturally, when rooms went on sale on May 11, 2015, they sold out in less than 10 minutes. The official overflow hotel, the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport, also sold out on May 11. The con has a list of recommended alternative hotels and the excellent GallyHelp has a helpful (and very reassuring!) page on hotels.

Still want a room at the official hotel? Some people arrange room transfers on the Facebook pages or Gallifrey Base. Also, watch the Facebook page for periodic updates – Gally is great about letting attendees know when small batches of rooms become available.

For example, a “small-ish” number of rooms at the LAX Marriott for the 2014 show went on sale the Monday before the con (February 10, 2014 at 10:00am PST). They too sold out quickly, but it’s proof that you should always keep an eye on correspondence from the con if you’re in the market for a hotel room.

In addition, Gallifrey Base and the Facebook event page are great places to look for roommates – whether you have a room and need people or vice versa, roommate posts see a sharp uptick in January.


If you’re booked at the official overflow hotel, the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport, keep in mind that the con offers free shuttle service from the Marriott to the Renaissance. Shuttles are one-way only, every 30 minutes on Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm – 2am.

The Courtyard by Marriott LAX is also a part of the regular shuttle program at the host hotel.

No other area hotels will have a shuttle available; if you’re concerned about walking back to your hotel after dark, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a cab. Call a taxi company or have the Marriott staff help you, though: it’s legal to hail a cab in LA but nobody will stop for you. (Or try LA’s a taxi-hailing app Flywheel.) You can also try Lyft or Uber, which tend to be cheaper than taxis.


Hotel Guest Parking

Rates for overnight hotel guests have been updated for 2015. Rates for guests not booked in the Gallifrey One room block, valet, and commuters are subject to a potential annual increase in parking rates that the Marriott has a history of implementing.

2016 Parking Rates (all self-park unless noted)
Hotel guests (booked with Gally code*): $13/day
Hotel guests (not booked with Gally code): regular hotel rate, $34.10/day
Commuters (show badge to attendant or pull automated ticket & get validation at Member Services): $13/day
Valet: $45.10/day
Renaissance LAX Lot (overflow hotel, booked with Gally code): $20/day
Park Air Express (alternative lot next door): $11-14/day, reserve online (see below)

*This $13 rate is only valid for one car per room. If you have extra cars, we recommend long-term parking the additional vehicles next door at Park Air Express. Pull up to the main hotel entrance to drop off your bags, then exit right to Century Blvd.; make an immediate right onto Airport Blvd.; turn right on W 98th St.; a back entrance to Park Air Express will be on your right. We strongly recommend you make a reservation in advance at Park Air Express.

Commuter Parking

Parking for day visitors to the con has becoming increasingly difficult in the last few years. A combination of added airport traffic for the holiday weekend, other conventions and events at neighboring hotels, and the increased popularity of Gally have all contributed to a parking nightmare. It is very important that you plan ahead and make reservations at parking facilities. If you don’t, be prepared with several backup options.

If you’re not a hotel guest and are just stopping by briefly on Thursday to pick up your badge, you’re usually allowed to park right outside the main entrance (free; check with the valet attendant). Obviously, if you are staying for the ice cream social, you need to pay to park your car.

Parking for day visitors at the Marriott is $13. It fills up extremely quickly; if you will be arriving anytime after programming has started for the day, we’d recommend you just go straight to an offsite lot.

Other parking options:

  • Park Air Express. To reserve online, visit this site and search for Park Air Express – Covered, 5757 W. Century Blvd. You can check rates here and also check for coupons here.
  • The Parking Spot – Century*. Visit their site to make reservations and check for coupons.
    • *Note that there is more than one The Parking Spot facility serving the LAX area, and the Sepulveda lot is much further away from the Marriott. Check your reservations carefully!
  • Visit the Gally site for details on parking in long-term parking at LAX and taking the free airport shuttle back to the hotel.

Public Transit/Airport Shuttles

Public transit in LA is notoriously bad. The only public transit available in the immediate vicinity is by bus; check Metro or LADOT for route info.

If you’re only looking for transportation between the LAX Marriott (the official con hotel) and the Renaissance LAX (the semi-official overflow hotel), check the Shuttle section above for details on nighttime shuttle service.

If you’re arriving early or staying late and want to check out the city, your best bet is a rental car. Otherwise, you can make use of the bus system or, depending on your destination, Metro light rail. Take a bus or a cab to the Aviation/LAX  Green Line station. (If your goal is to travel as cheaply as possible, you could take your hotel’s shuttle to LAX followed by the LAX shuttle to the Green Line. It’ll be cheap, but it won’t be fast.)

If you’re flying in and not renting a car: most hotels have shuttle service from LAX. Shuttle pickups are on the lower arrivals level, beneath the red signs in the median between the two traffic lanes (in other words, you will need to cross one crosswalk to reach airport shuttles; cross two crosswalks and you’ll find yourself in the public parking garage). Marriott LAX shuttles run every 20-30 minutes, but the drive itself is only 5-10 minutes.

If your hotel doesn’t offer a shuttle, your options are a taxi, SuperShuttle (check for coupons!), or one of the popular taxi alternatives like Uber or Lyft. As of January 2016, both Uber and Lyft are now officially permitted to pick up and drop off at LAX. Due to the layout of LAX and the traffic in the area, we don’t recommend walking.

Using another airport, like Long Beach (LGB) or Burbank (BUR)? The cheapest option would be to use the FlyAway shuttle service back to LAX for about $7, then take your hotel shuttle from LAX. SuperShuttle will take you point-to-point, but it’ll run you closer to $50. Or you can get a taxi, but it will cost you roughly $100 each way. Ouch.

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