Goodbye Forever; See You Around

Hello again, friends! As you can see, it’s been quite a while since I updated anything on here or on Twitter. I started this blog while I was unemployed and, thankfully, have not been unemployed for some time now. Long story short, I’m a bit burned out on running this shack all by myself and I’ve been spending my time on other hobbies. Besides, there are so many other great con blogs out there!

So that’s a wrap on ConShark. But I will still sporadically write about my convention experiences and share photos on my personal blog at

Things that will still exist:

  • The articles on this website, as an archive, for as long as it shares hosting services with my personal site.
  • Photos, on my personal blog and on Flickr. If you want to use my convention photos for editorial use, they are slowly being added to stock photo websites including Shutterstock and Dreamstime where you can license them as you please.
  • My annual “SDCC By the Numbers” stats and analysis will continue to be updated over on my personal blog (I actually really like doing this because I am a dork).
  • The @ConSharkNews twitter will be left up for posterity, but not updated. I’ll still be tweeting from my personal account, @SarahMertan.
  • Me, at conventions!

Things that won’t exist anymore:

  • Updates to this website. Once it’s broken, it’s broken.
  • Photos, on this website. Media just takes up too much storage space. They’re still publicly available on Flickr. If you’re in one my photos and want a copy, please drop me a line.
  • The ConShark Instagram. I actually forgot it existed for a while.
  • The email address sarah[at] Try me here instead. Although, to be honest, Twitter is still one of the best ways to get in touch with me.

In all seriousness, it has been wonderful to meet so many like-minded fans through this blog. Many, many thanks to those of you who read, commented, tweeted, and said hello over the years.

I hope to keep seeing you at conventions around SoCal and across the country! In the meantime, you can follow my other misadventures on Twitter, Instagram, and my aforementioned personal blog.

I’ll see you around. Goodbye forever!