SDCC 2015 Instagram Preview Night Logo SignIt’s finally here! San Diego Comic-Con badges go on sale tomorrow morning for anyone who signed up for a Member ID before 9:30am on February 11, 2016.

This is Open Registration, and if you’re a regular attendee without a ticket, this is your only remaining chance to get a badge for Comic-Con 2016.

If you are not a regular attendee:

  • Creative Professionals: Your registration period is already open. You should follow the instructions in your email or on the Professionals tab in your Member ID account to register.
  • Press and Trade Professionals (Verification Not Due): Your registration period will open in the spring. You do not need to buy a badge in Open Registration. (And please don’t, as there is no re-sale this year for returned badges, so you will be taking a badge away from an unlucky attendee.)
  • Press and Trade Professionals (Verification Due): If you are still waiting to hear if you have been approved for one of these badge types, you can participate in Open Registration. Your attendee badge will be refunded (less the 10% handling fee) when you register for a Press or Trade Pro badge later.

Attendees, wondering if you’re eligible to participate in the sale tomorrow?

The easiest way to check is to log in to your Member ID account and go to the “Registration Info” tab. It will tell you if you’re eligible! You’ll also see a green check mark next to “OK CCI’16 Attendee Open Reg” in the top right corner. If you see a red X mark there, you are not eligible. Here’s a sample:

SDCC 2016 Open Reg El Diablo Reg Tab

If you are eligible, you may purchase any combination and assortment of badge days you’d like, for up to three people in total (as long as all of them have valid Member IDs). If you participated in Pre-Reg last fall but didn’t get all the days you wanted, you can try again tomorrow in Open Reg.

You may also purchase for three people other than yourself if you don’t need to buy yourself a badge tomorrow. You’ll need their Member ID and last name.

While it says on the CCI website, “You may not purchase badges for others using your own Comic-Con Member ID,” they mean that you may not buy a badge with your Member ID in your name to give to another person. You can still use your Member ID and Registration Code to log in to the registration session, then enter other people’s IDs to buy their badges.

If you’re not eligible, or don’t have a Member ID yet, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to wait for 2017.

Prepare your computers and yourself for tomorrow’s sale!

  • Read through the official Comic-Con details here. They’ve also posted FAQ on registration and badge mailing.
  • Watch the official Comic-Con video guide.
  • Check in with your buying group, or create one if you aren’t part of one yet.
    • Since you can purchase badges for up to three people in one registration session, many people form groups of friends, family, or complete internet strangers to improve their chances of getting a badge. This is a tried and true method. You may find new groups pop up on the Friends of Comic-Con forum or on the Comic-Con subreddit.
    • You can only use one credit card per registration session; be prepared to make a large purchase if buying for three, or send your friend that’s making the purchase their reimbursement quickly.
    • Remember that badges are being shipped for the first time ever this year, and they will only be shipped to the address provided at checkout (care of the purchaser). Make sure you trust your purchaser with your badge! International attendees will still need to pick-up onsite.
  • We strongly recommend making sure you write down your registration code tonight.
    • You can get it from the Member ID system if you can’t find your email, but remember that last year so many people needed to do this that the Member ID system crashed when the waiting room opened. Spare yourself the heart attack and grab your code tonight.
  • Check your browser compatibility here.
    • Be sure you use this link, or a URL that ends with /Precheck (or /Precheck?Length=4). If you are failing any part of the test, make sure you started from a URL that ends in /Precheck. Starting the test from a URL that ends in /Precheck2 or /Precheck3 may give a false negative.
  • Our previous articles with detailed advice and tips are here for 2015 and here for 2014.
  • Print out the checklist below and fill out the details so they’re easily accessible tomorrow.
  • Check-in to the online waiting room at 8:00am PST.
    • Comic-Con will tell you “there’s no rush” as long as you enter the waiting room before 9:00am Pacific. But Attendee Pre-Reg last fall saw quite a few connectivity issues getting into the waiting room. (Once registration actually got started, the problem was resolved.)
  • Don’t be afraid to screenshot any and all steps in your process – this will help in the event of an error. We recommend always taking a screenshot of your checkout confirmation page, since it may take several hours or days to get a confirmation email.

We’ll be on Twitter following all the action – join us, since misery loves company.

Good luck!