The Final Countdown: San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Open Online Registration

We’re mere hours from SDCC Open Online Registration, which is the only chance for newcomer attendees to try for a badge to the big show. We recommend taking a look at our previous post on tips for SDCC pre-registration – the systems are the same, and the tips are still very useful.

As mentioned in that post, the only way to “game” the system is to team up – you can buy badges for up to three people with valid Member IDs. If you’re looking for a last-minute buying group to join, the Reddit Comic-Con community has one that’s still open to new members. It will close at 7:00 AM Pacific Saturday morning, just one hour before the waiting room opens.

We’ll be on Twitter following all the action – join us with the hashtag #SDCCOOR, since misery loves company.

Make sure you don’t forget anything tomorrow – print out our handy checklist below and keep it next to your computer! Get your group’s Member IDs, mark off what days they want purchased, and make sure your browser is ready to go.

Good luck!