Exclusives at San Diego Comic Con create a lot of buzz and that buzz becomes bigger every year. The list that can be found on Comic Con International’s website is massive along with other third party lists floating around online that are even larger. Here are some of the most sought after exclusives and some of my personal favorites of this year.

The crème de la crème for this year’s San Diego Comic Con is likely to be Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtrooper.

Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

In terms of collecting toys, this will likely be highly sought after from everyone. This is not only a Star Wars San Diego Comic Con exclusive (which are HIGHLY sought after) this will be the first toy released for the newest film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. To get these Hasbro exclusives you’ll need to go to the Hasbro line in Sails Pavilion and pick up a wristband.

Next up comes from Mattel. Mattel which are usually the second most sought after exclusives are bringing Batman Vs. Superman exclusives to the convention floor.

Photo Courtesy of USA Today


Funko’s popularity at the convention floor now rivals Hasbro. Years ago the Funko booth was a normal small retailer that has turned into the massive convention juggernaut they are. This year they have exclusive t-shirts in special Funko wrapping, flocked Funko Pops, and exclusive Jaws action figures.


Photo Courtesy of Funko!

Photo Courtesy of Funko!

Photo Courtesy of Funko!


There are some very strict rules if you plan on purchasing Funko exclusives so make sure you adhere to them.


Photo Courtesy of NECA

NECA Toys are a little different than other booths and exclusives. They save an allotment every day (and usually a decent amount for online sales) so if you only have one day badge or no badge at all you can still buy their exclusives. You can find a list of their exclusive toys here:


Factory Entertainment has some pretty cool San Diego Comic Con exclusives. My personal favorite are the Dire Wolf exclusives.

Photo Courtesy of Factory Entertainment

Factory Entertainment exclusives can be found here:
One of the rarest San Diego Comic Con exclusive to hit the convention floor this year has to be the Jim Lee Blueline Batman Sketch and Action Figure. This exclusive has a mass produced $40 variant that comes with the Jim Lee Batman action figure and a printed Jim Lee sketch. The rare variants have an actual sketch from Jim Lee. Jim Lee sketched 50 Batman, 50 Joker, and 50 Harley Quinn sketches and it comes with the Blueline Action Figure.