San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Downtown Hotel Lottery: Spreadsheet & Final Tips

With less than 24 hours to go before the Comic-Con hotel lottery opens, we’re back to share our detailed spreadsheet and a few final tips.


Our SDCC Hotel spreadsheet includes:

  • A calculator that will tell you your total for each with tax and parking included
  • Room fees for all Travel Planners hotels, 2013 – 2015
  • Parking fees
  • Total number of rooms per hotel
  • Links to the hotel’s website
  • Early Bird discount details

Download the file for Excel here (right click, save as) or view it on Google.


Factor parking costs into your total budget.

Parking at downtown hotels can run $30 – $40 a night. That can quickly blow your budget; you may find that your “cheaper” pick with a lower nightly rate is actually more expensive once you add in parking fees. If you’re planning to park at your hotel, make sure you’ve calculated your total with these fees! The calculator in our spreadsheet can do this automatically.

Don’t forget about tax.

If that $250/night room is already straining your wallet, it’s going to be even worse once the 10.5% room tax is added. Use the calculator in our spreadsheet.

Notice how many rooms your top hotels have.

These are also in our spreadsheet – although not every room at a hotel is available during the Travel Planners sale, knowing this will give you an idea of your chances.

Compare the total room count at these popular hotels:

  • Hard Rock: 420
  • Hilton Bayfront: 1190
  • Hilton Gaslamp: 286
  • Manchester Grand Hyatt: 1628
  • Embassy Suites: 341
  • Town & Country: 940
  • Residence Inn Downtown: 121

If you’re a slower typist, you might want to consider bigger hotels that will have more rooms and therefore a greater chance for you.

Skip the lottery and do the Early Bird sale.

If all this is too much, buy through the Early Bird sale. The Early Bird prices are valid until one hour before the lottery opens. If you don’t think you’ll be fast enough for a room in the lottery, and you don’t mind taking the trolley or driving to the convention center, save yourself the stress and get a discount through the Early Bird sale. Most of these Mission Valley rooms will be available again after the lottery is over, but the prices will be slightly higher.

Good luck!


Featured photo: “San Diego from Shelter Island” by Justin Brown justininsd on Flickr