Recap: Los Angeles Cosplay Convention

la cosplay 1st picTucked away in the lower levels of the the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, the Los Angeles Cosplay Convention brought hundreds of individuals together to celebrate costumes, video games, movies, television shows, and characters that many of us have grown to love.

turtle van

The exhibitor hall had several vendors, cosplayers, lots of cameras, and even a video game lounge where any attendee could play video games with no wait time. The Los Angeles Cosplay Convention had two rooms filled with scheduled programs that varied from cosplay advice to creating content on Youtube. The LA Cosplay Con brought the house together at the end of the day for a show stopping cosplay contest and an official after party.

This small event brought the local cosplay community together in a big way. From abstract costumes like Powdered Milk Toast Man from “Ren and Stimpy” to DC and Marvel characters that everyone is familiar with.
batman joker

The Los Angeles Cosplay Convention created an exciting and different environment. There was a wedding taking place on the lobby floor as well as regular hotel guests enjoying their time at the lobby bar. Wedding photographers could not be differentiated from convention photographers.

This small one day convention was able to bring a large part of the convention together for the cosplay contest competition. All cosplay contestants had to be pre-judged and then were pit against each other on the catwalk. The stakes were high for the cosplay contest. The best kid costume villain (or hero) costume were both given gift baskets. The best group costume was given $250. Best in show for the LA Cosplay Con was given $300.

After the cosplay competition most attendees emptied out. 500 individuals who received wristbands for the official after party stuck around. The Los Angeles Cosplay Convention brought people together for the art of cosplay. While this convention may have been small in stature, the impact was massive.