Preparing for SDCC Pre-Reg 2016: Printable Checklist & Tips

SDCC2015File.7It’s that time of year again! San Diego Comic-Con badges go on sale tomorrow morning for 2015 attendees who validated the codes printed on their badges prior to September 15. If you qualify for Attendee Pre-Registration tomorrow, this is your best bet for a Comic-Con badge: while you are allowed to participate in open registration (most likely held in the winter/spring of 2016), the field of competition is smaller during pre-reg. So, prepare your computers and yourself for tomorrow’s sale!

  • Read through the official Comic-Con pre-reg walkthru here.
  • We recommend making sure you have your registration code tonight – you can get it from the Member ID system if you can’t find your email, but remember that last year so many people needed to do this that the Member ID system crashed when the waiting room opened. Spare yourself the heart attack and grab your code tonight.
  • Check your browser compatibility here. Be sure you use this link, or a URL that ends with /Precheck. If you are failing any part of the test, make sure you started from a URL that ends in /Precheck. Starting the test from a URL that ends in /Precheck2 or /Precheck3 may give a false negative.
  • Our previous articles with detailed advice and tips are here for 2015 and here for 2014.
  • Print out the checklist below and fill out the details so they’re easily accessible tomorrow.

We’ll be on Twitter following all the action – join us, since misery loves company.

Good luck!