Concentrate: This Week in Con News (Wednesday, January 28)

Welcome back to our weekly news feature where we boil down the week’s news from the convention circuit plus share our calendar of the weekend’s upcoming conventions.

Karaoke at Gallifrey One 2014.

Karaoke at Gallifrey One 2014.

This week: we’re closing in on Gallifrey One, which means the programming schedule has been released! We’ll take a closer look at the schedule in our preview post a bit closer to the con, but the organizers have been sharing some of their favorite picks on Facebook. Our top pick? The return of the Iron Costumer cosplay making competition – check out last year’s festivities! Meanwhile, official podcasters Radio Free Skaro have shared a few more details on their annual interviews.

Gally also reminds attendees that badges will not be mailed, and that this year you will be required to wear your badge on a lanyard. While they wait for Gally to release the list of official cosplay photo meetups, fans have wasted no time organizing their own annual meetups: the Amy Ponds and River Songs of the show will definitely be getting together. Speaking of attendee-organized things: one clever fan is taking pre-orders for Gallifrey One deliveries of Cards Against Whomanity, a Who-themed Cards Against Humanity expansion. (Update, Thursday 3:30pm: pre-orders are sold out!)

Finally, the Torchwood 4 Cabal have announced their theme for this year’s Friday, 9pm shindig: An Elegant Evening on the Orient Express! This is a themed cocktail party for attendees and as such, ID will be required for the 21+ folks looking for one of the Cabal’s mystery specialty cocktails. Get dressed up and add a little class to your weekend!


  • A trio of open submission periods for contributions to San Diego Comic-Con: Articles and artwork for the annual Souvenir Book are now open through April 17; this year’s anniversaries include The Spirit, Shazam!, The Joker, and a host of other Marvel and DC characters. Film festival submissions close much sooner, on Monday, February 2. And academics can now submit their abstracts for the Comics Arts Conference; submissions close on March 1.
  • Two cosplayers dressed in camo and carrying prop guns were arrested last weekend en route to G-Anime in Gatineau, Quebec – their props were mistaken for the real thing by several people in the surrounding area, including government workers in nearby buildings. They were released after being fined (a local law prohibits having weapons in public). G-Anime advised its attendees with similar garb to change into their costumes at the convention. (h/t Robot 6)
  • Delhi Comic Con has been postponed from February to December, and it has left many fans questioning the organizers while other cons in India (namely those in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad) go on as scheduled.
  • Also a few weeks away is Northwest Indiana Comic Con, which is moving to a larger venue after last year’s event saw long lines. Comics-X-Aminer has a longer interview with the show’s organizer.
  • As ReedPop expands, so does ShowClix, their Pittsburgh-based ticketing vendor. ShowClix also handles ticketing for The Daily Show and both of NBC’s late night staples, The Tonight Show and Late Night. They’re hiring to expand their data analyzing services – if you like to wait until the last second to buy your NYCC badges, ShowClix will know.
  • Red alert, statistic nerds: The Beat & The Devastator teamed up to survey exhibitors at a slew of conventions, and the results are now out. Their conclusions? 2014 was a down year overall; makers and designers fare better than artists; the top 3 shows by sales are SDCC, Denver Comic Con, and NYCC; the top 3 shows by exhibitor ranking are Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Small Press Expo, and Phoenix Comicon.
  • Need Valentine’s plans in Los Angeles? Steampunk outfitter and geekiary Clockwork Couture is hosting a Chocolate Prohibition Valentine’s Party, now that Hershey’s has taken away all the good chocolate on this side of the pond. Best costume wins – what else – a whole lot of chocolate!

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