WonderCon Traffic & Parking: Alternate Routes

I won’t be at WonderCon until tomorrow, but it is my local show. As such, I’ve been in the neighborhood this afternoon and noticed some unsurprising but pretty heavy traffic, particularly on Harbor between Katella and Orangewood (due to both the convention center parking areas and the Disneyland Toy Story lot across the street). I’ve thrown together a quick map of some other parking lots as well as alternate routes that should help you avoid Harbor Blvd. on Saturday and Sunday. In short, take West St. into the convention center and Disney Way to Gardenwalk. Check out the Google Map below:

View WonderCon Anaheim – Alternate Routes & Parking in a larger map


Fortunately, the Disneyland area has very good traffic signage, and these are being used for WonderCon. When in doubt, follow the directions given on the overhead electronic signs. These are located on the 5 freeway offramps and at various locations on Katella and Harbor.

If the lots in the back of the convention center are full, it’s easy to pull around to the front of the convention center – just take Katella or Orangewood back to Harbor. The convention center lots do fill up quickly; parking is also available for $20 at the Sheraton right next door to the convention center (driveway only accessible from southbound Harbor). As an alternative to the convention center and Disney lots, the map above also shows directions to the Anaheim Gardenwalk shopping center. That lot is honoring the $12/day rate for con attendees if you show your badge.

If you’re only stopping by briefly, Gardenwalk has one hour of free parking (Harbor & Katella) and Downtown Disney offers 3 hours free parking (West & Magic Way).

Whatever you do, DON’T park in the residential neighborhoods behind the convention center. You WILL get towed.

Alright, I know this wasn’t exactly light reading – but if you’re desperate to avoid the heavy traffic on Harbor, one of these alternate routes should do the trick.

Have a happy WonderCon!