SDCC Hotel Sale Guide – Round Two

Hotel assignments based on Tuesday’s requests went out today, and as always, results were mixed. Some are thrilled to have their top pick, one of their six requests, or just any hotel room at all. Of course, there are lots of people who were completely out of luck in this first crack at hotels. Let’s take a look at where you can go from here in case our first set of hotel booking tips didn’t do the trick.

First off, if your group has an extra hotel room or extra spaces in your room, share the wealth! You can contact Travel Planners to change the name and contact info on your reservation – no money needs to trade hands. Post your info on any or all of these sites:

Know of another great resource for needed and wanted hotel rooms? Share it in the comments below!


And now, the main attraction: what to do if you were shut out by this week’s hotel sale.

  1. If you’re assuming you’ve been shut out because you haven’t received any emails from Travel Planners, be patient: TP has said emails will continue to go out through the end of the day (Thursday, April 10). If you still haven’t received an email by tomorrow, call Travel Planners – many people last year reported that they had been assigned a room (sometimes even one of their top picks!) but had never received the email.
  2. If you were assigned to a hotel room that was not one of your choices (whether on a shuttle route or not), you have been waitlisted for your original six hotel choices. Best to either attempt an exchange in the next 72 hours (see below) or confirm your assigned hotel and see if you move up the waitlist. Expect quite a few downtown rooms to open up – groups who had multiple people submit requests may have ended up with more rooms than needed, and those rooms have already started to be released back into the wild.
  3. Several sites are hosting room exchanges and roommate listings, as listed in the bulletpoints above. Try asking there, but be sure to read the rules for each exchange first – Friends of CCI requires you to have an account on the forum since you need to PM users to respond to their offers, while each Redditor may ask you to contact them in a different way.
  4. Things not to do? Don’t go on Reddit or Friends of CCI and post a brand new thread just for your hotel room request. Quite a few people have gone through a lot of effort to put together functional systems to help as many attendees as possible – follow their rules and instructions for requests and offers.
  5. If you are receiving a transferred room, be prepared to share your contact information with the person you are receiving the room from – they will need to provide Travel Planners with that information. If the room is swapped before the 72-hour initial deposit deadline, you are responsible for paying the deposit directly. If the deposit has been paid already, you’ll need to work out a money transfer with the person giving you a room.
  6. Try again for a non-downtown hotel during the second sale. See below.
  7. Explore other options, like condos (try VRBO or HomeAway), Airbnb, or houseboat rentals:

The second hotel sale opens Wednesday, April 23: here’s what that sale looked like last year.

Additionally, Travel Planners partners with for the “overflow” bookings, which functions more like traditional hotel booking sites. (Update: looks like the 2014 Quikbook site is already live!)

Group sales (10 or more rooms) are also available during this phase of the hotel sale:

Here’s what the hotel availability looked like during last year’s second sale:


To all those hoping for better rooms, more rooms, or just any room at all, good luck!