SDCC Hotel Sale: A Visual Guide (with Spreadsheet!)

2014 Hotels Site Placeholder

Even though we’ve known for months that April 8th would be the date for 2014 Hoteloween, Comic-Con has just finally made it official today.

Emails with the link to the hotel sale started going out Friday afternoon, so check your spam folders for messages from Hold on tight to that email and, more importantly, the link within – “there will be no direct link to the housing request form from the Comic-Con web site.”

It sounds like the online system will function the same way as it did last year, and we’ve got a visual run-through available for you below. The basics? Pick six hotels, submit all six, wait at the mercy of the lottery to see if you’ve got a room.

Don’t need the full guide? Just make note of these important waitlist choices now so you can save time on the big day.

SDCC Hotels Waitlist Options

Spreadsheet: If your style is to throw a dart at the hotel list and stay in whatever hotel it lands on, you can print out the Comic-Con provided PDF of 2014 hotels here (and order some darts?). But I like data, and I want every possible piece of information before I decide on my top six hotels – if you’re like me, here’s that hotel info in spreadsheet form. You may now sort and calculate to your heart’s content.

Looking for a roommate or two? Try the Reddit thread or the Friends of CCI thread.

Other tips:

Speed wins: as long as your name and the hotels you’re requesting are correct, submit the form as fast as you can. You can change your room type (number of beds and people per room) once your room is booked, so don’t panic if you make a small mistake (say, requesting a king bed when you need two double beds). A call to Travel Planners can fix any typos in your personal information.

Stay in your hotel Wednesday night: it’s easier to get a downtown hotel in particular if you’re staying Wednesday through Sunday as opposed to Thursday through Sunday.

Log on early: in 2013, the hotel request form briefly went live about half an hour early. It was deactivated before anyone could submit their forms, but people did get screenshots and share them on Twitter – giving them a slight edge on knowing their way around the site. Since speed counts, even the slightest advantage is beneficial. Hopefully this year’s site will look the same as last year’s, but keep an eye on the site and on Twitter before the sale starts for any potential clues.

The splash page you’ll be greeted with:


Visual guide based on the 2013 site layout (click for full size):

2013 Hotel Form - Full

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