Gearing Up for Gallifrey One!

Our goal at ConShark was always to be more than a generic pop culture news site or a simple list of convention dates. So it’s with great pride that we present our first con guide – to the upcoming Gallifrey One, the largest North American Doctor Who Convention! We’ll be on the ground during the con, posting updates here on the blog and on Twitter (hopefully, if the Marriott’s notoriously bad cell reception will allow).

Gally is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year – an incredible accomplishment considering the entire show is and has always been fan run. And this staff is an impressive bunch: you’ll notice what a well-oiled machine the operations team is, with the organization rivaling that of big private-run shows like NYCC. But you’ll see it even before you get there: have you looked at the guest list for 2014? Colin Baker, Billie Piper, Arthur Darvill, and Paul McGann are just the headliners – there are some 30+ more guests in addition!

It’s obvious that Gally is a labor of love for its staff, and you’ll see that enthusiasm and respect in its attendees, too. It’s a relatively small con, particularly compared to the behemoths like SDCC and NYCC that seem to dominate the con circuit these days. It’s a bit like a small town, but it’s an incredibly friendly one – it’s rare that you’ll meet attendees more welcoming to newbies. Many of these fans have been coming for a long time, but there are as many reunions of old friends as there are new friendships forged.

Gally almost doesn’t need a guide – the official website is so detailed and descriptive, the vast majority of your questions can probably be answered there. And the attendees are so helpful, they’ve been gathering on Facebook for months to answer each other’s questions. But for a quick overview of how programming works, what your food options are, and what the culture’s like, take a look at our guide to Gallifrey One for 2014!