[Update 2] In Search of Gallifrey One Tickets (Or, How to Get a Ticket Transfer)

October update on 2015 ticket transfers: Ticket transfers will close December 27, 2014. In-person transfers will still be allowed at the convention, but the original ticket holder must physically be present to transfer the ticket.

August update on 2015 ticket transfers: Gallifrey One organizers announced on August 12 that ticket transfers would open for the 2015 convention on September 1, 2014. You can join the ticket transfer Facebook group now to post a request or an offer.

As a reminder, you can make arrangements with your buyer or seller as soon as you receive a response to your post but you cannot submit the transfer request to the convention until September 1.


Wow! Before we could even get a post up on today’s ticket sale for Gallifrey One 2015, they were sold out! 3200 tickets snatched up in 75 minutes – that’s San Diego Comic-Con levels of insanity.

If you’re one of the 3200, we can’t wait to see you next February! If you missed out on a ticket this morning, don’t panic yet – there’s still hope.

Gallifrey One allows attendees who can no longer make it to transfer their tickets to anyone who wants to attend. This is commonly referred to as a registration transfer or ticket transfer (yeah… pretty obvious names). The rules? You must sell your ticket for the original price – $90 for an adult ticket, $45 for a teen ticket, $10 for a child ticket. (Kids under 3 don’t need a ticket.) The convention will facilitate the transfer in their system, but payment is handled entirely between the ticket seller and the ticket buyer. And if you think they don’t mean business about enforcing that “no scalping” rule, think again:

However: ticket transfers for the 2015 show will not open until October 2014. (Specific date is yet to be announced.) What does this mean if you’re still in need of a ticket? Relax, chill out, find a way to distract yourself from your burning desire for a Gally ticket until October.

Where to find a ticket transfer? One important note: child tickets can be upgraded to teen tickets, and teen tickets can be upgraded to adult tickets. So feel free to look beyond your needed type! The best spots are:

  1. The official Gallifrey One 26 Ticket Transfer Facebook group. You will have to request to be added to the group and then wait to be approved before you can post your request. (Please, please don’t post your request to the main Facebook page or the event page, lest the other posts on those pages get buried.)
  2. The GallifreyBase forum. (A ticket transfer request thread has already been started.)

Some people also try Twitter, fan groups like The Real Time Lords of Orange County or the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, or other Doctor Who message boards and fan groups. You can start checking these pages as soon as you like, but you can’t submit a ticket to be transferred until October.

You found someone who can’t go and is willing to sell you their ticket? Great! Here’s what happens next:

  1. Make sure you’re only paying the original price. Punishments for overcharging include voided tickets and a ban on future purchases.
  2. Arrange for payment to your seller (PayPal is generally recommended).
  3. Have your seller go to the registration page on and fill out the transfer form. The seller will need your name and email address. This step must be completed by the seller/original ticket holder.
  4. Tickets can only be transferred once, so please be sure you can definitely make it before you spend your hard-earned cash and take an available ticket off the market. (This policy is new for 2015.)

Parents trying to sell a teen or child ticket, be aware of a few additional policies:

  1. You can change the name on a teen or child ticket anytime. Useful if, for example, you were you planning to let your child bring a friend, but the first friend you invite has to cancel.
  2. You can sell a teen ticket to an adult, or a child ticket to a teen. (Not child to adult.) You will have to pay the difference in cost between the two ticket types.

All the details and fine print are on the Gallifrey One website and you’ve got plenty of time to read them, since transfers – how many times can we say it? – aren’t open until September. We’ll be back on the Gally beat for hotel sales soon and then again once the Facebook transfer page is up.

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