Gallifrey One for the Ticketless

Since I’ve seen some questions about it lately, let’s take a look at what – if anything – Whovian hopefuls without a badge for this weekend’s Gallifrey One might be able to experience.

Everything you can see on the convention schedule – including autographs, photo ops, panels, and parties – requires a badge.

Technically anything held in the Marriott lobby is open to the public, but only at the hotel’s discretion. (There are non-Gallifrey One related guests staying at the Marriott, after all.) However, one VERY IMPORTANT note: if crowds in the lobby become too large, the hotel may restrict lobby access to convention attendees (badge holders) and hotel guests only. (See “Badges & Identification on this page.) Consider that fair warning: without a badge, there’s no guarantee you’ll be allowed to do or see anything.

Lobby events include LobbyCon (the unofficial gathering that takes place before the convention starts) and a post-panel meetup for Young Justice:

There will be a short time for signing after the panel. Then starting at 6:30pm, join Greg Weisman, Christopher Jones and other Young Justice contributors for a casual Young Justice fan meet-up in the LAX Marriott lobby. The meet-up is open to the public, but it is during a Doctor Who convention, so expect crowds and to stand!

Bummed you’re missing out this year? Tickets for next year go on sale March 7, 2014 at noon PST.