Comic-Con: All The Swag You Can Carry! (Programming Edition)

San Diego Comic-Con programming begins tomorrow, so it’s time for our annual list of panels that offer attendees swag, giveaways, or simple contests with prizes!

Note that this list only includes those panels that officially made mention of their swag; some of the network or studio sponsored panels in the bigger rooms may also bring free things for attendees, but these panels rarely announce their swag in advance. One exception this year: Marvel, who will be handing out free limited edition Guardians of the Galaxy mini-posters at their Saturday night Hall H panel.

On to the rest of the freebies:

Swag” stands for “stuff we all get” – meaning everyone attending the panel gets one. A “giveaway” or “raffle” means there are a limited number of prizes that will be awarded to random attendees. A “contest” means all attendees have the opportunity to enter, but must win the competition to receive prizes. You’d think this stuff would be self-explanatory, but it’s not.


Thursday, July 24

10:30 AM, Room 4
Behind the Music: Crime, Death and Resurrection
Giveaway (not specified)

12:00 PM, Room 23ABC
Meet Bill Plympton
Swag: Bill Plympton drawing

12:30 PM, Room 24ABC
Roddenberry Entertainment Presents
Giveaway: iPad Mini

12:30 PM, Indigo Ballroom
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Raffle: one attendee will win a walk-on role in Pixels

1:30 PM, Room 8
Digital Manga
Giveaway of “great prizes”

3:00 PM, Room 30CDE
Adobe Photoshop: The Artist’s Journey
Giveaway: one year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud

3:30 PM, Room 24ABC
Captain Action’s Con Custom Contest
Contest: prizes for six best custom Captain Action figures

4:00 PM, Room 7AB
VIZ Media
Giveaway (prize not specified)

5:30 PM, Room 4
Mad About MAD
Giveaway: prizes for “most moronic questions”

6:00 PM, Ballroom 20
Showtime: Penny Dreadful
Giveaway: 4 tickets to Penny Dreadful after party

7:00 PM, Room 9
The Scoop at Simon & Schuster
Swag: Five Kingdoms t-shirt
Giveaway: additional prizes

7:30 PM, Room 4
Bride of Name That Movie!
Contest: trivia

7:30 PM, Room 26AB
The Lost 1978 Comic Book Documentary
Contest: trivia

8:30 PM, Room 4
Star Trek’s Ships of the Line
Swag: Eaglemoss limited edition collectible

8:30 PM, Room 6BCF
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Sing-Along

Contest: costume

9:00 PM, Room 7AB
Cartoon Network: Adventure Time Royal Ball
Contest: costume/outfit

Friday, July 25

11:00 AM, Room 32AB
Moving Forward by Looking Back: This is the Golden Age of Classic Comic Collections
Giveaway (prize not specified)

11:00 AM, Room 9
The Official Aspen Comics 2014 Panel
Swag (gift not specified)

1:00 PM, Room 4
Archie Forever: Life, Afterlife, and Beyond
Swag: gift bag ticket

1:30 PM, Room 8
IDW & Hasbro: Transformers, Ponies, and More!
Giveaway (prize not specified)

2:00 PM, Room 4
Spotlight on Mark Brooks
Giveaway: new Marvel art book and a sketch

2:00 PM, Room 32AB
The Character of Music
Giveaway (prize not specified)

5:00 PM, Room 30CDE
Prismacolor Power! Marker and Pencil Techniques that Make You a Super Artist
Giveaway: door prizes
Swag: Prismacolor samples

6:00 PM, Room 25ABC
Three Flavors of Zombie: Expanding the Universe of Dead Island
Swag (gift not specified)

6:30 PM, Room 26AB
The Steam Engines of Oz, HP Lovecraft, and Pixies: Arcanamation
Swag: comics
Giveaway: door prizes

7:00 PM, Room 7AB
The Unexplained Files
Giveaway (prize not specified)

7:00 PM, Ballroom 20
World Premiere of Batman: Assault on Arkham
Giveaway (prize not specified)

8:00 PM, Room 25ABC
Space Command: Bold Adventures in the Far Reaches of Space
Swag: signed poster

8:30 PM, Room 6A
Klingon Lifestyles
Contest: costume

9:00 PM, Room 7AB
Cartoon Network: A Lott’a Funny
Contest: trivia

Saturday, July 26

10:00 AM, Room 6DE
DC Comics-Batman 75 Too Tough Trivia: Riddle Me This!
Contest: trivia

10:00 AM, Room 4
Drawn & Quarterly Jeopardy
Contest: trivia (prize: free book)

10:30 AM, Room 24ABC
Avatar the Last Airbender: Legend and Legacy
Contest: costume

11:00 AM, Room 25ABC
Temple of Art
Giveaway: t-shirts, postcards, posters

11:00 AM, Room 9
Top Cow: 2015 Brings a New Talent Hunt, New Projects, & More
Swag: limited edition litograph

12:30 PM, Room 6A
Marvel Video Games
Giveaway (prize not specified)

1:00 PM, Room 4
Spotlight on John Picacio
Swag: giant Loteria prototype card

3:00 PM, Room 30CDE
Adobe Photoshop: Enabling the Artist in the 3D Print Revolution
Giveaway: 1 year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud

4:00 PM, Room 4
IDW: Pop Culture Mix-Tape
Giveaway (prize not specified)

4:30 PM, Room 24ABC
Creepy & Eerie: 21st-Century Horror
Swag (gift not specified)

7:00 PM, Room 5AB
Gaia Online
Giveaway (prize not specified)

7:00 PM, Room 6A
Gays in Comics XXVII: Prism Comics Mixer and Auction
Giveaway: drawing for comics

7:00 PM, Room 9
Onwards, Voyager! Epic Reads Await You!
Giveaways: advance copies and limited edition “goodies”

7:30 PM, Room 26AB
Superheroes Are Saving Millions of Lives-for REAL!
Swag: free comic books

8:00 PM, Room 23ABC
Star Wars Trivia Panel
Contest: trivia

8:30 PM, Room 7AB
Cartoon Network: The Regular Show Rock-a-Thon
Contest: “come up with your best Regular Show number”

8:30 PM, Room 6BCF
Classic Festival of Animation
Swag: glow in the dark hand clappers

Sunday, July 27

10:00 AM, Room 4
IDW: Kids Comics!
Swag: free comics for kids

10:00 AM, Room 32AB
The Emily the Strange Panel Experience
Giveaway: prizes for audience participation

11:00 AM, Room 23ABC
The Secret Origin of Good Readers
Swag: free comics for kids

1:00 PM, Room 32AB
Archie Action Hour: Sonic, the Hedgehog and Mega Man
Swag: Archie gift bag

1:00 PM, Room 6BCF
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Giveaway (not specified)

3:00 PM, Room 4
Keenspot 2014: Giant-Size Panel of Pure Weirdness
Swag: “Giant-Size #0 four-pack bundle”

4:00 PM, Room 24ABC
Full-Time Creative Work on a Part Time Schedule
Giveaway: 1 year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud


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