San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Programming, By The Numbers

This year marks my tenth Comic-Con. It’s exciting! It also makes me feel a little old, an issue that’s not helped by the presence of things like panels celebrating the 20th anniversary of the X-Files. After nearly ten years of going to the con, there are few things that still truly annoy me when explaining it to non-attendees: one of those is defending the oft-repeated claim that there “aren’t any comics at Comic-Con anymore!” I’ll certainly agree that the TV and film elements of the con feel like they overshadow the comics elements. And don’t get me wrong, I’m probably a bigger TV, film, and sci-fi/fantasy fiction fan than I am a comics fan (sorry). But anyone who’s read through the programming guide year after year can tell you that Comic-Con is still very much geared for comics fans and creators.

To prove it, I did a little analysis of the 2012 and 2013 programming schedules. However, since I’m probably the only person who is interested in this data in Excel spreadsheet form, I’ve put together an infographic for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Comic-Con Programming 2013: An Infographic

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